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Parametric Insurance X Smart Contract = Automated Claims Settlement

By automating the insurance process across the value chain, customer experience will be improved significantly.

Claims through Legacy will get automatically settled upon the triggering of a specific event; say an accident in the case of auto insurance. The key benefits that a smart contract will bring to the insurer and the insurance sector are as follows:

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Smart Contract eliminates the involvement of any intermediaries like lawyers, brokers, agencies, etc. and is directly between the insurer and the insured.


Automatically triggers action subject to the codified parameters. This saves time on the manual processing of data in case of any fatality.


Documents get stored in a distributed ledger in an encrypted form and time stamped. Any alteration to any of the the document requires approval by a minimum number of ecosystem participants before getting added to the previous block.


Any information saved on blockchain is highly secure due to cryptographic encryption


Any information saved on blockchain is highly secure due to cryptographic encryption.


The automated ecosystem presents cost saving in various forms to the end customers and the insurer.


The availability of the uniform data makes the entire process accurate and non-fraudulent


Our Mission

To create an advanced insurance ecosystem utilising future technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things powered by Blockchain technology.

Our Goal

To lower the cost of insurance for both the customer and the insurer and to disrupt the entire insurance industry.

Our Vision

The vision of Legacy is to automate the entire insurance value chain, where insurance is administered by smart contracts and registered on a distributed ledger, backed by A.I. for automatic detection of damage and dynamic settlement of claims.

Our Objective

To eliminate manual error, Improve fraud detection and risk mitigation. We also aim to increase accuracy and efficiency in claims processing

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